Rat Bike



South Shore Marina, League City, Texas; 1995 Silverton  

Rat Bike Down, Hillsboro, Texas  

For Sale ($15,000) Seabrook Marina, Seabrook, Texas  

Trip 2004 Highway 1  

Trip 2005 Rocky Mountains  

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Biker Friendy Bars   Texas     Florida  

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These links will take you to some Rally pictures.   If you are under 18 you need to go elsewhere...no, make that under 21...no, 18 is ok....      

Sturgis 2004  

Viet Nam Vets MC Rally, 2004  

Mingus MC Rally, April, 2005  

Viet Nam Vets MC Rally, Glen Rose, Texas 2005  

Tokio Store, Tokio, Texas 2006

Viet Nam Vets MC Rally, Glen Rose, Texas 2006  



Babe's Hawg Dot Com
Great site for web graphics and just browsing around for biker stuff.

Easyrider magazine artwork by Dave Mann.

Suds and Butterfly
A Texas Biker's website.

Tiffany Sterling
Model at the Viet Nam Vet's Rally.   Graduated from same High School as I did, just 20 years later is all.



Harley-Davidson is proof that money can buy happiness.